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Vehicle inspections can save you a lot of money, hassle, and even your life. Auto inspections can help you determine the condition of a used car before making a purchase or sale and diagnose the safety of your car if it has been a while since you last drove. If you are planning to purchase an insurance plan for your personal car or a commercial fleet, inspection is important. No matter what your inspection needs, Brooks Lube & Alignment Ltd can help you. We provide pre-purchase inspection, insurance inspection, and commercial inspection services in Brooks and its surroundings. Our team uses modern diagnostic tools and practices to provide you with detailed and reliable reports that help you make the right decisions. To book an auto inspection, call us now.

Out of Province Inspections


The Government legislation mandates the inspection and registrations of all vehicles that enter the Alberta province from locations outside of it, hence called Out of Province (OOP) vehicle inspection. Brooks Lube & Alignment Ltd is skilled and licensed to thoroughly inspect your vehicle and provide you with a dependable auto assessment report that you can present when required. Make a pit stop at our auto shop in Brooks today!

Commercial Inspections

Commercial vehicles are crucial to your day-to-day business operations. Hence, it makes sense to have the right inspection schedule for your commercial vehicle or fleet of vehicles to ensure smooth drives and safety on the road. With the right set of equipment and qualified staff, we can inspect your commercial car, large truck, or an extensive fleet of any make and model as well as give them the servicing required.

Insurance Inspections

Considering buying auto insurance coverage for your used car? Know that a number of companies require mechanical fitness assessment as well as a safety inspection for vehicles that are older than 12 years. Brooks Lube & Alignment Ltd can help you with your auto inspections for vehicles and provide a fast and reliable assessment. Our reports can also help you out with the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) formalities.

Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection

Find the history and current status of the vehicle you are planning to buy and negotiate better!

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